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Video Streaming

Last weekend I ran into a friend of mine at a beach birthday party. He was working on an online course, but was not very happy with the lighting.

I could not wish for better - a chance to practice setting up lights for a video, with the result to be seen by actual live people, thousands of them! Dream coming true.

Naturally, a few buts quickly showed up.

1) It is not just your regular MOOC. He is live streaming at 1 am local time for an hour!

2) Being a smart guy he already did well, so I am a bit scared that I would not be able to be of any help.

(1) certainly makes the setup with my Sony a7s ii a lot more complicated that an iPhone streaming, to the point where one would argue it might not worth the effort. But hey, it's not all dry result, we are here for the journey! So I bought a BlackMagic recorder for $148 on Amazon. It is arriving tomorrow! Also I just got a Sony video tripod, although it does not sound like there will be any panning or tilting. Whatever, I still love it.

Then I looked back at my stuff and went on to buy some Sony (SNE) shares too.

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